There are vast array of electronic cigarette batteries used with vaping devices. Different brand names such as Innokin, Aspire, VooPoo etc. The Cigar or Pen type (named after the similar appearance of cigar and pen) are probably the most common, however, other box types (also referred to as Mods) and larger cigar types are becoming more popular as they have larger capacity and thus, require  less frequent charging. Please see below a range of electronic cigarette batteries and vaping Mods.

Endura T18E II Battery

Endura T20S Battery

Aspire K Lite Battery

Aspire Zelos

Aspire Zelos 3

Aspire Glint Mod

Proton Mini Mod

Eleaf iStick 40 Watt

eGo Standard


eGo Twist


eGo Passthrough

eGo USB Charger