What is a good quality E-liquid?
The fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette is referred to as smoke juice, e-juice and most commonly e-liquid. E-liquid is the component of the electronic cigarette which provides the nicotine liquid solution and the flavouring. When heated by the atomizer (replaceable coil), the e-liquid produces the vapour that mimics traditional tobacco smoke.
The Secret To Good E-liquid
” The secret to good e-liquid is consistent taste, vapour volume, andthroat hit. Our BestVape e-liquidshave all three, plus a conscious effort to use only thefinest ingredients to ensure customer safety. “
E-Liquid flavour :
The first secret to making quality e-liquid/e-juice is flavour. Taste is the first sense to be heightened when smoking an electronic cigarette, and for some, it’s the most important factor. Some like the traditional flavour of tobacco or menthol, while others enjoy the process of taste-testing all sorts of sweet and fruitful flavours.
All of our BestVape flavours are purified from the natural plants (we do not use artificial flavours) to offer a rich taste that is never too overpowering. Our manufacturing teamshave worked hundreds of hours perfecting our e-liquid flavour mixtures, ensuring you get fantastic tasting e-liquid. In addition, BestVape e-liquid never has that nasty after-taste found with cheaper products.
Throat Hit :
The second key component to premium e-liquid is the Throat Hit. Throat hit is the feeling a smoker gets when the nicotine hits the back of their throat while inhaling. It’s the difference between feeling like you inhaled “smoke” versus air, and is a main component of good e-liquid. In the past other manufacturers have just increased the nicotine level to offer a stronger throat hit.
This worked well for those wanting a higher nicotine concentration, but left the “light” smokers without an e-liquid and e-juice which delivered a good throat hit. BestVape’s high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients and formulashave overcome this obstacle by producing the Throat Hit without the need for additional nicotine. Now all electronic cigarette smokers can enjoy a great Throat Hit without being forced to increase their nicotine consumption and we always insist on adopting medical grade high quality nicotine, not cheap nicotine.
Vapour Production :
The third important factor of quality e-liquid is the vapour production. The vapour is the smoke-like substance which is exhaled when smoking an electronic cigarette, and is greatly influenced by the e-liquid itself. When it comes to electronic cigarette vapour, most vapers will agree, the more the merrier. Our BestVape e-liquid has been developed to provide a consistently thick vapour that closely mimics that of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The rich consistency and sheer amount of vapour produced by BestVape e-liquids will impress even the most experienced users.
Quality Control :
The fourth and most important component of e-liquid and e-juice is Quality Control. All of our flavours are purified from natural plants; we do not use artificial flavours. All our manufacturers adopt medical grade high quality nicotine, not cheap nicotine, ensuring that proper procedures are always followed. We only stock TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant e-liquids which insure nicotine levels are always carefully monitored and randomly tested for quality and concentration. We want all BestVape customers to rest easy knowing they purchased a great tasting e-liquid developed and produced under the highest quality control standards.
Storage of nicotine solutions is also a critical factor in the quality of the finished liquid product.
E-liquid should always be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid the spoiling of ingredients.
E-Liquid Info
All of our flavours are purified from natural plants. We do not use artificial flavours. We adopt medical grade high quality nicotine.
Flavour Concentrates
Super concentrated flavourings made for DIY e-liquid (Must be diluted with e-liquid…mix between 2% – 10% to your e-liquid (depending whether you require a ‘hint’ or ‘strong’ flavour taste).
All of our flavours follow strict cGMP quality control processes and are purified from natural plants, do not use artificial flavours & can provide consistently rich flavour profiles.
E-liquid info
E-Liquid provides you with another way to enjoy your e-cigarette. Rather than purchasing refill cartridges, you can simply place a few drops of electronic cigarette e-liquid solution into your new / used / empty cartridge and place the filled cartridge into the atomizer.
The composition of e-liquid…
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) &Propylene Glycol (PG), flavouring, medical grade high quality nicotine (where nicotine is present).
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