iClear 16 Replacement Coil Heads – 5 Pk

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The iClear 16 Dual Coil 1.5 Ohm replacement coil head is also compatible with the iClear 30.

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iClear 16 Replacement Coil Heads:

How to replace an iClear 16 dual coil head

Once the used iClear clearomizer is empty of e-Liquid, grip the grooved base section between your fingers on one hand and with the other grip and twist apart (anti-clockwise) the tank section (gripping closer to the grooved section vs further up the body).

Wipe off and clean up any remaining e-Liquid NB: especially if containing any nicotine, can be absorbed readily through the skin.

Once the Base and old head have now been exposed, repeat, but this time grip the grooved section on the base, twist apart.

Attach new head and re-assemble.

When to replace?

This often comes down to personal choice due to a build up of old,used up liquid from the past days/weeks remaining on the coil (and wicks).

This will at some point start interfering with the quality, volume and overall taste of the vapour produced.

Treat yourself to a fresh head when the vapour and flavour production fall to unsatisfactory levels and or with each flavour change in ideal circumstances.

You might be surprised at just how much they can change with use.

Note: The iClear 16 Dual Coil replacement coil head is also compatible with the iClear 30.

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