A Billion Lives

The ‘A billion Lives’ documentary was produced and directed by Aaron Biebert. ( a non smoker and non vaper).

The documentary was initially conceived when the WHO stated that a billion lives were expected to be lost to tobacco by the end of the 21st century. When Aaron went to the American Lung Foundation and American Cancer Society and they declined to have anything to do with the documentary…it raised an eyebrow and this is where Aaron started to feel there was something awry going on. So,  the ‘A Billion Lives’ documentary was made to get all the facts and the truth about vaping ( pros and cons) out to the public. A lot of high ranking doctors, politicians and scientific community’s were all interviewed and spoke about  the topic. Even if you were not into vaping, this documentary will open your eyes to how Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and even Governments have the power to effect the lives of billions.


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