Collinss 0-3-6-12-18mg

Royal White

Full tobacco aromas soften the taste buds, making tobacco taste better than ever before. A soft tobacco e-liquid that at the same time delivers the maximum taste experience, a real sensational e-liquid for every tobacco lover.

Royal Gold

The e-liquid tobacco with no fries and a delicious taste with a perfectly balanced tobacco flavour. A very common taste that will certainly appeal to any tobacco lover.

Royal Silver

A spicy tobacco flavour that proves the versatility of tobacco. Exactly well seasoned and therefore one of the realists in all Tobacco. A hot e-liquid that keeps both cigarette and cigar smokers warm!

Royal Red

You have dark tobacco leaves and darkest tobacco leaves. This taste is full, heavy and intense while still giving a little sweet touch, which makes for a party in your mouth.

Royal Green

Tobacco with mint in a balance to be jealous. A very pronounced e-liquid in which neither flavor prevails, which gives a delicious full and at the same time fresh taste.

Empire White

Sweet fruits combined with a sour. Perfectly balanced sweetener which creates a delicious fresh taste experience that you do not get enough of.

Empire Black

A bomby taste of black currants, which provides a sweet taste experience that also adds a refreshing acidity.

Empire Purple

Mmmm, delicious fresh raspberries that provide a great fresh taste that of course is also very sweet.

Empire Green

A fresh and subtle mint flavour combined with a sweet watermelon.

Empire Pink

Fresh sweet cherries with a fresh lemon. Sweets are no longer needed with this e-liquid, all the treats are filled with these distinctive flavours.

Empire Yellow

Really a deep sweet taste of pineapple on a heavy syrup with the typical pure taste experience that makes Colinss so good.

Empire Red

An excellent fresh and fruity red fruit e-liquid that will seduce every fruit lover to keep fumes.

Magic Blue

A sweet aroma combined with a fresh mint. This freshly-saturated e-liquid could even seduce every damper.

Magic Cool

WOW! This is a strong menthol flavour. Incredibly strong menthol taste, ultra fresh without that sticky after taste. A nice clean and fresh unsweetened menthol.


Magic Amber

An e-liquid for biting, from 2 flavours. The sweet taste of an apple combined with a delicious cake. And what do we get from it? Yes, an apple cake that brings a unique experience for those who appreciate an extraordinary e-liquid.

Magic Violet

A very good bilberry E-Liquid, which will remind everyone of a morning walk through the forest. When the liquid is consumed, an interesting, slightly biting taste is obtained in the finish. The whole is a unique feeling of taste.

Magic Cold

Refreshment at the top! A strong mint flavour that does not contain chewing gum that will not forget the taste buds quickly.


Magic Green

Delicious sweet and sour cactus taste! Pretty fresh, a sweet sweet and fumes are very good.

Magic Ruby

Open Happiness with this pure cola e-liquid! The delicious cola flavours you will taste with a little acid in the background that ensures a complete and full cola flavor as you are used to.

Magic Red

Think strawberries with a touch of whipped cream.