Why Choose Us

We will not start by saying BestVape are the best of all vendors. We also do not stock every brand of kit or liquid. BestVape is a small family run business. Because of this we practically know all of our customers by name by the order they place. This enables us to always be available to our customers. We can be contacted by landline phone 11:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday and 13:00 to 15:00 on Saturday.

This means a human will answer the phone and can talk to you regarding any questions you have. Whether they be about orders or simply to ask for advice about the different products we offer. This we have time for and even encourage it. We understand vaping can be confusing and want to give you the information to help you understand (with no sales pitch or follow up…just the info). We also have a bricks and mortar store in Donabate Co. Dublin so anyone can walk in to collect or have a chat.

Not having every option available regarding Kits and Liquids can have it’s disadvantages, however, there are also advantages in specializing in the products we do supply. All our products can be rigorously tested by us and only placed on our site after they pass our own personal vaping tests. Considering we have been doing this since 2011, we kinda know what most smokers and vapers are looking for.

A few quick points to let you know how BestVape do things:

Hardware/ Devices: BestVape will only stock authentic genuine products made by the genuine original manufacture ( we won’t sell clones, copies, originals, duplicates, reproductions, replicas or any other term used other than the genuine original manufacturer). We will stand over all the Manufacturer’s warranties. These include all vaping kits and batteries. To ensure complete safety, all our batteries will be from the original manufacturer and will have been rigorously tested. All Kits, Batteries and Tanks will have authenticity codes on the product which can looked up and checked. This also applies to all our liquids which are all EU TPD Compliant.

E-Liquids: We understand the best e-liquids ‘need’ to have a consistent taste, vapour volume and throat hit. We will always only stock TPD ( EU Tobacco Product Directive) compliant e-liquids manufactured from the highest standards to ensure all our customers get the smoothest and best tasting e-liquids. Only the highest grade nicotine (A grade), highest food grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base and natural flavours are used in our e-liquids. 

Our Goal: To help, aid, assist and inform all tobacco smokers of the vaping alternative. As an ex smoker for over 30 years I can understand how difficult it is to ‘give up’ the nasties. I’ve been through the cold turkey, patches, gum etc and understood that this addiction was bigger than the logic of simply ‘giving up’. Why? Because it’s not just an addiction to nicotine, it’s also a habit. (for me a 32 year habit). Before vaping I was given no workable alternative to my addiction AND my 32 year habit…other than to ‘give up’. Gums, patches, sprays, cold turkey etc only ever addressed the addiction but never the habit…and doing something everyday for 32 years needed to be addressed.

When I stumbled on vaping and gave it a try, I understood this was not only about giving up my addition, but rather, finding an healthier alternative to my ‘smoking tobacco’ habit.  So why bother if its just an alternative I hear you say…out of the frying pan and into the fire kinda thing. Well, here’s the logic that didn’t work before…this alternative allows me to remove ‘tobacco’ from my addiction and considering it was always ‘tobacco’ that was going to do me so much harm, I needed to remove it. By simply ‘removing tobacco’ from my addition and keeping the habit I was logically able to do the following.

1) Remove 100% of all tobacco cancer causing carcinogens. (approx 70 of them)

2) Remove 100% of all carbon monoxide. (same as the smoke coming from the exhaust of a car)

3) Remove 100% of all the tar in tobacco. ( Tar…need I say more!)

4) Remove 100% of the nasty smell of tobacco. ( from clothes, car, house and me.)

5) Remove 100% of all the ashtrays in my house. ( and car…no more smell or ashes everywhere)

I could go on and on with the benefits ( eg: savings on tobacco costs could be put towards health insurance etc) but suffice to say, seeing vaping as an ‘alternative’ to smoking tobacco has it’s benefits (for those who simply feel they cannot give up). I still have my addiction and I still have my habit, however, I do not smoke tobacco anymore.

I feel I am so much better off from a personal, financial and health prospective after choosing an alternative to tobacco. I feel the vaping alternative to smoking tobacco is worth considering. For the record, giving up tobacco smoking and not needing an alternative will always be an even better choice. This would be my first wish for all tobacco smokers. This site is here for those of you who are looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco who feel all other options have failed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Name: Paul

Landline: 01 8958 300

Email: thebestecig@gmail.com

Premises: Unit A, Lambay House, Main Street, Donabate, Co.Dublin K36 RK 27