Addressing common myths about vaping

Hi Guys,  I’ve just come across this PDF which addresses the common myths about vaping.

This article is attributed to ASH (The UK body on Action on Smoking and Health) with the heading…

ASH brief addressing common myths about vaping Putting the evidence in context.

The below is just a sample I pulled from it but suffice to say the below are common questions which are regularly asked and answered.

For those of you who are interested in getting answers to the below, I have inserted a PDF Link here for your convenience.

Common misconceptions about vaping
12. Common misconceptions include the following. See paragraphs listed for the
evidence that these are untrue:
• Vaping nicotine is more harmful than smoking tobacco (paras 21-30)
• Vaping is more addictive than smoking (paras 31-35)
• Disposable vapes deliver as much nicotine as 50 cigarettes (paras 36-42)
• Vaping is a proven gateway into smoking (paras 43-49)
• Nicotine damages brain development in young people (paras 50-53)
• The main reason children vape is because they like the flavours (paras 54-


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