Vype ePen3 Device

We have set this page up for everything VYPE/VUSE…and the reason being…

Vype is a different animal to the regular vaping devices we offer…hence the VYPE/VUSE page to explain.

We at Bestvape call this device the ‘convenience’ electronic cigarette.

Ok, where do we start. The Vype/VUSE pen is a sleek device. It is small, light, ergonomic, discrete and stylish.

It has a 650 mAh battery which will supply enough power to get through the approximate 2ml of eliquid in the cartridge (Tank).

The battery is rechargeable with the standard micro usb port at the base for charging.

Vype/VUSE ePen3 Kit can be found here :

Replaceable Cartridges (2 pk) can be found here: (€6.00)

Replaceable Cartridge (6 pk) can be found here: (€30.00)

There are different options to getting the kit but the standard kit generally comes with the 650 mAh battery, 2 x 2ml flavour cartridges (12mg Tobacco + 12mg Crushed Mint) and of course a micro USB charging cable and instructions of use. (Other options include buying the pen with no cartridges and choosing your own cartridges etc).

Why do we call it the ‘convenience’ e-cig ? Well, it is simply the most convenient e-cig on the market. You simply put the cartridge into the battery and that’s that. Done! When the vapour stops, you simply push in another cartridge and you are back up and running again. No changing coils (No need for mess), No filling with liquid (No need for carrying liquid). This also means never buying eliquid and never buying coils as these are included with the cartridge. All you need to do is charge the battery and insert a cartridge. The unit also vapes consistently and very smooth with a full range of flavours from tobacco to mint to fruits and a full range of nicotine strengths from 0mg to 18mg. Convenient ? You simply couldn’t make vaping any more convenient!

Ok, so why not just offer this convenience and get rid of all the other devices? Well, the Vype pen costs more to run than other regular vaping devices. Basically, you pay for your convenience. Of course, everything is relevant and so is the cost. The cost of this device may be more expensive than regular vape devices to run, however, it will still be relatively less expensive than tobacco.  Considering this is the only thing we found on the con side, we think this device has a place on our site. Simply put, cost is not the only factor one weighs up when making the choice to use an alternative to tobacco.

When weighing up the pro’s and con’s of this device, one must consider what they are getting for their money. Convenience can be worth paying for. (Think of your cuppa coffee on the go kinda thing…is it worth the cost ? Probably not…is it convenient…Yep!). Because each Vype Cartridge is a Tank with a preinstalled Coil which contains 2ml of liquid this means there is no need to buy or change coils meaning no associated coil cost or mess. This also means no e-liquid cost, filling or mess or associated time purchasing of same. This also means that with every cartridge change you will have a ‘fresh’ tank, ‘fresh’ coil and ‘fresh’ liquid. Regular tanks are more economical (which is why they are more popular) and reuse the coil, tank and eliquid with every refill of eliquid. (It is this reuse which makes the regular tanks more economical to run).

The bottom line. If cost is not your main concern to try an alternative to tobacco…

This Vype pen is worth considering if :

  • You don’t vape that much anyway so running cost won’t be a big factor.
  • You don’t want the inconvenience of buying different items required to vape regular devices (Coils and e-liquids).
  •  You don’t want the inconvenience of sourcing specific coils and/or eliquid for your device. (Compatible Vype cartridges can usually be found at most convenient stores. Currently SuperValu, Spar, Mace, Londis, Apple, Tesco and many other convenience stores stock them…so again, you can see the convenience here.
  • You don’t want the inconvenience of changing coils and carrying liquids with you.
  • You don’t want the inconvenience of working out different wattage’s for different devices. You just want a press and go device.
  • You want to use a clean coil, fresh eliquid and a clean tank with every vape.
  • You want to have a ‘social vape’ like when going out to dinner or other social events. Because this device is small, light, ergonomic, discrete and stylish, you can consider it as your social device for ‘going out’ on ‘social occasions’ even if you have a regular vaping device. eg: This can be used as your backup device or social device and only used on special occasions.
  • Cost is not the only factor you are weighing up when making your decision for a tobacco alternative. You may also want convenience.

Everything is relevant ( just like your cuppa coffee on the go which is probably 400 % more costly than the one made at home)…so just bear that in mind when considering which device you want to help you get off tobacco.

Our Regular Vaping Kits can be found here:

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give our honest opinions/advice.


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