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BestVape E-Liquid

We do not try to stock every brand of e-liquid at BestVape. We choose the best in category and simply stock them.

About Colins:

Our Colins range is manufactured in the EU at an ISO 9001 facility. The Nicotine used is Pharmaceutical A Grade Nicotine (used in Gums and Patches). The Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol used as the base for these e-liquids is also 99.5% food grade  and are of the highest quality. All the flavours are Natural flavourings which are specifically used for eliquid.

To find a good smooth eliquid, all of the above must be used in conjunction together. Cheap nicotine, cheap base and high sugar flavourings will only deliver a harsh taste that irritates the throat and burns out coils. With this in mind, we decided to offer our customers the highest quality eliquid at an affordable cost. Out Colins range is in 10ml bottles and we stock them in nicotine densities of 3mg-6mg-12mg and 18mg with a range of flavours from tobacco to Fruit to Mint and Menthol.

About Nasty Juice: ( 10ml salt50ml Shortfill)

For our Short Fill customers we chose Nasty Juice. NASTY Worldwide was founded in 2015 in Tampin, Malaysia and began as an e-liquid manufacturer. Focusing on R&D of trend-setting flavours and fresh brand designs, NASTY quickly began penetrating markets and garnering a large following across Europe and the Americas with its award-winning creations.

At the heart of NASTY is Their Nasty Labs R&D Center which develops innovative solutions for smoking cessation. Today, they design, develop and market a complete ecosystem of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) solutions with established offices in Indonesia, India, USA, UK, UAE and South Korea.

The fact that each year NASTY continues to amass international awards and recognition’s at all of the world’s top vape shows is proof that their customers and partners are truly loyal to our brand and believe in their purpose.

About Liqua E-Liquids:

Liqua Elements Vape Juice is a premium vape juice company that combines craftsmanship with an intuitive and refined sense of taste. With clients all over the world, they have captured the imagination of vapers everywhere with their fun and inventive flavors that taste exactly like the foods they mimic. Adhering to strict European manufacturing standards, you can rest assured that you get the best quality possible in every single bottle of Liqua Elements vape juice. Made in the EU with a 50/50 VG/PG Base and are fully TPD compliant.

2009: Founded – 85 Plus: Distribution in 85+ countries- 200K Plus: -Trusted by 200K+ adult smokers who are looking for alternative smoking experience – 10million:  More than 10 million e-liquid bottles sold every year.

About IVG

On 5th March 2014, Mr Mitha served the world’s first IVG flavour in Preston, United Kingdom with an aim to make a difference, spread “Happiness and Greatness”. From that one iconic vape flavour “Summer Blaze”, we’ve evolved into a global vape brand serving over 100 countries and millions of our followers around the world.

After initial success in the UK, we decided to take IVG on a global scale, being one of the first UK brands to step on international territories. That was our first step towards becoming a global vape brand.

we were again one of first UK brand to serve over 60 countries.

We attended over 50 trade shows across the globe to promote IVG.

We were voted as Best UK Brand 2019 by millions of vapours across the globe.

We have achieved over 50 awards and certifications from across the world, from Best UK Brand Award to Best International Brand in Canada.

We serve over 100 countries across the world and successfully delivered over 30 million bottles to our customers.

About ElfLiq:

Each bottle of ElfLiq 10ml Salt is exquisitely designed to allow users to taste the exclusive deliciousness of ElfLiq 10ml Salt on more open-system. After 4 years of practice and thousands of experiments, the ELFLIQ team has brought the top selected e-liquids to everyone. Every second of our efforts on products is only for your satisfaction in the next second. ELFLIQ will never stop bringing the initial care to users with the purest taste.

ElfLiq nic salts are the same great e-liquids found in Elf Bar disposables. Available in a range of the most popular flavours with a choice of 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. High-quality standard 10ml e-liquids with a 50/50 VG:PG blend.

ElfLiq 10ml Salt is a bar salt, which means that it mimics the same strength, intensity and experience of single use devices. How does it replicate it so well? It’s the same liquid that is contained in Elf Bar 600 and Lost Mary devices. Not only does this allow more vapers to try the popular elements of disposables, but it provides far better value for money. Plus, it’s much more environmentally friendly.

This range contains 21 flavours chosen from the most popular Elf Bar devices. This includes Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Cotton Candy Ice, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Mango and Cola. The strengths available are 2.0% and 1.0%, so these liquids are suitable for a wide range of vapers. Since it’s a 50/50 juice, pod kits work perfectly for this eliquid.

About Maryliq:

Designed by the same company of Elfbar (eg: Elfliq – above)…Lost Mary flavors comes in four categories: tobacco, menthol, coffee, & strawberry. Each flavour has a distinct flavour that will appeal to various people. The tobacco flavour is full-bodied and robust, while the menthol flavour is light and pleasant. The strawberry taste is sweet and juicy, while the coffee flavor is full and deep. Inheriting from LOST MARY, MARYLIQ keeps exploring a sensational taste experience for users in an exceptional flavour realm. At MARYLIQ, we empower users to break free from limitations and follow their hearts, regardless of the challenges they may confront. Join us on a flavour journey, to unlock a universe of unparalleled, unforgettable taste.


About Hale:

About Hale Pro Salts E-Liquids 10ml

  • All of our standard Hale Pro Salts E-Liquids 10ml are made in Ireland, this is something we are very proud of and our per-production techniques and procedures were designed in conjunction with the chemistry department in Carlow I.T. Our manufacturing facility has just achieved the I.S EN ISO 9001:2015 which we are very proud of. All our Hale liquids use 3 base ingredients: Monopropylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine, all of which carry full CoA (Certification of Analysis) and QA (Quality Assured) certification and are only sourced from certified and approved European suppliers.
  • All our products are TPD compliant, this means that all our Hale Pro Salts E-Liquids 10ml fully comply with the new EU wide legislation, ensuring that you are receiving a fully regulated product. 
  • All our Hale Pro Salts E-Liquids 10ml are fully traceable to source, making it a product that you can trust. When one of our customers makes the switch we want them to be confident in recommending Hale Vaping products to your friends and family.

About Harmony:Harmony takes a science-based approach to CBD and wellness that is created and tested to simply make your life more awesome. They design and produce in Europe high-quality and efficient products, at fair prices. When you care about your daily habits, everything becomes possible. Harmony is the support that gets you where you want to go. You only need to Google Harmony reviews to know they are a top notch company which is why we stock them.

Hemp has an extensive history dating back thousands of years, and many scientific publications document the benefits of hemp and CBD for a wide range of applications.

Harmony strive to provide affordable access to hemp-based products in harmony with nature. They see a world where billions of people could benefit from hemp products, but most of them don’t have a safe or legal way of using them. Harmony use science, nature and business as tools to improve the quality and accessibility of hemp products. Their goal is to support the development of a world where access to affordable CBD products is no longer a challenge, but a means of life improvement.

Antonin Cohen, the founder of Harmony, started to study the usage of hemp in 2008 when he co-founded the first non-profit organization dedicated to hemp sciences in France. Since then, he has had the chance to work with world-leading scientists, entrepreneurs, and activists building up a strong expertise in design and quality control for cannabinoid products. After many years of researching and a first CBD product launched in 2014, he’s dedicating his life to bring Harmony to the world.

Based in Barcelona, Paris, London and Lima, Harmony is growing fast.