Colinss E-Liquid (10ml)

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Please Note: We are reducing our footprint. To keep our costs down and avoid prices increases, our future purchases of Colinss e-liquid will come without the ‘outer cellophane wrappings’. All bottles will still come in a box and with childproof and tamper-proof caps.
Our ColinsS colour range have been created as a result of a love to combine flavours. We’re sure you’ll find one which will suit your expectations.


About Our ColinsS Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the ColinsS e-liquid range are a company which has continued to actively participate in the development of the e-cigarette and e-liquid market in Poland and Europe since 2009. Initially they dealt with the import of e-cigarettes, accessories and e-liquids, which they sold in Poland and the European Union under the ColinsS brand.

They were the first to introduce e-cigarettes for sale on traditional channels and retail chains, making them easily accessible. Over time, they have relinquished their imports to their own production, which have been continuing to this day.

From their laboratory and production line every day several thousand bottles of liquid are delivered to the markets in the EU. Good raw materials, recipe and machine stock are needed to create a good liquid. To create a unique liquid requires passion. At the heart of their company is a laboratory where skilled chemists mark production trends. Virtually every day a new taste develops, which goes through quality tests, and is then sent to be assessed by their own vapers.

Each of them have been created as a result of a love to combine flavours.
The market success of their liquids are a result of a special attention to quality. The implementation of ISO 9001 standards confirms their assumptions about high quality. They understand and realize it is at the original stage of purchase of intermediates from which their liquids are produced – They only buy them from fully tested European manufacturers.

Their laboratory and production line are undoubtedly one of the European leaders in terms of technological advancement and staff preparation. Thanks to this, our customers at BestVape have a constant guarantee that the liquids we offer to them will always have the same (or should we say consistent) high quality and taste.


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Royal Gold, Royal Silver, Royal White, Royal Red, Royal Green, Magic Amber, Magic Cool, Magic Ruby, Magic Blue, Magic Cold, Magic Green, Magic Red, Magic Violet, Empire Red, Empire Pink, Empire Black, Empire Green, Empire Purple, Empire White, Empire Yellow

Nicotine Density

3mg (0.3%), 6mg (0.6%), 12mg (1.2%), 18mg (1.8%)


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