Vype Cartridges/ePods

Vype ePen3 Replaceable Cartridges (single pack/2 cartridges) (6 Pack/12 Cartridges)

Note: Vype cartridges only suited for Vype ePen3 Device – Vype ePods only suited for Vype ePod Device

The Vype cartridges & Vype ePods are not interchangeable between the Vype ePen3 ‘device’ and Vype ePod ‘Device’

ie: If you have an ePen3 device, Vype ePen3  choose cartridges.

If you have an ePod device,ePod_Herochoose ePods.

Cartridges and ePods come in various nicotine strengths and flavours.


Vype Wild Berries Cartridges

Vype Wild Berries Cartridges 12mg

Vype Tropical Mango Cartridges

Vype Tropical Mango Cartridges 12mg

Vype Original Strawberry Cartridges

Vype Original Strawberry Cartridges 12mg

Vype Master Blend Cartridges

Vype Master Blend Cartridges 18mg

Vype Infused Vanilla Cartridges

Vype Infused Vanilla Cartridges 12mg

Vype Fresh Apple Cartridges

Vype Fresh Apple Cartridges 12mg

Vype Crushed Mint Cartridges

Vype Crushed Mint Cartridges 2 pk (6mg)

Vype ePen3

Vype ePen3 Device Kit



Vype ePods (single pack/2 cartridges)

Vype Just Mango ePods

Very Berry ePod

Vype Very Berry ePods

Vanilla Medley_18mg

Vanilla Medley_18mg

Peppermint Tobacco_12mg

Peppermint Tobacco_12mg

Just Mango_18mg

Just Mango_18mg

Golden Tobacco_18mg

Golden Tobacco_18mg

Garden Strawberry_18mg

Garden Strawberry_18mg

Creamy Mint_12mg

Creamy Mint_12mg

Vype ePod Champagne Gold Light On

Vype ePod Device Kit