VooPoo PNP X Coils

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The VooPoo PnP X Coils are a series of high-performance replacement coils based on the PnP platform. PnP X coils are renowned for their versatility and ability to produce exceptional flavour and vapour. Available in various resistances to cater to different vaping styles, from direct lung to mouth-to-lung. PnP X coils are not compatible with products of the PnP platform.

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Continuing the ultimate flavor of the PnP platform, the PnP X platform debuts with the 4th generation atomizing technology.


PnP X platform, the newest atomizing solution, integrates 4 advanced technologies into one tiny coil.
A PnP X coil provides 4 times more vaping pleasure than other coils.

We select natural and thermal-stable cotton and optimize the thickness and spacing of the cotton fiber to achieve a balanced e-liquid delivery and soaking speed, which improves the atomizing efficiency and coil’s lifespan effectively for a consistent taste.

Based on the research of e-liquid infiltration rate and distribution of the heating zone, we restructure the heating wire to precisely distribute the heat during the atomization process without producing extra heat. Less e-liquid means denser clouds.

The airway, heating zone, and air cavity are separated in different layers to avoid e-liquid leaking down effectively. The dual L-shape structure in the bottom keeps a balanced pressure, which prevents the condensate from leaking.

We introduce automatic production to the whole platform product manufacturing for the incredibly premium and reliable product quality.

The PnP X coil is compatible with a full power range of devices: 20-40W / 60-80W / 80-100W & 100W+.

The PnP X series is a new platform for compatibility, but at present it is only compatible with DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 and is not compatible with products of the PnP platform.

We sincerely advise you to use the PnP X platform products with the recommended parameters settings.
It will be helpful to prevent the condensate within the vapor and bring you an improved vaping experience.

1. The PnP X coil package sold in the market contains 5 coils, and each one is able to sustain 100 mL e-liquid without coil burning and e-liquid leaking.

2. All coils of the PnP X platform are designed with directional insertion, and the bottom of the coil will align to the bottom of the pod without a gap after complete insertion.

3. It is recommended to fill the pod with e-liquid to over 2/3 full.

4. Please cover the filler plug after e-liquid filling and let the pod sit for 5 minutes before use.

5. The top airway of the pod is designed with a scale line, which helps adjust airflow precisely.

6. The PnP X series is a new platform for compatibility, but at present it is only compatible with DRAG S2 and DRAG X2 and is not compatible with products of the PnP platform.

7. All marketing data (including coil lifespan, leaking performance, etc.) about the product are the result of several experiments under professional conditions, but the practical performance of the device is subject to your actual use scenario.

8. For the ultimate vaping experience, please follow the official user guide and select an e-liquid of proper nicotine content and PG/VG ratio.

9. The picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual object.


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